Ride Don’t Hide began with one man and has become a nationwide movement for mental health.

Ride Don’t Hide began in 2010 as Michael Schratter, a Vancouver teacher and newspaper columnist, embarked on a global journey to cycle 40,000 kilometres, crossing six continents and 33 countries to raise funds for CMHA BC Division. Michael’s mission was to circumnavigate the world, sharing stories with people in different countries, and in doing so bring attention and awareness to the stigma surrounding mental illness. People were invited to share their stories and make a promise to help end mental illness stigma on his website, where Michael shared photos, stories and reflections from the road.

To continue Michael’s legacy, CMHA BC adopted Ride Don’t Hide as its leading awareness and fundraising event to reduce stigma associated with mental illness. What started out as a a partnership between CMHA Vancouver-Burnaby, North & West Vancouver branches, and BC Division, raising $75,000 and engaging 500 participants, has grown nationwide.

Now with more than 25 communities across eight provinces and almost 10,000 participants annually, Ride Don’t Hide has generated nearly $8.5 million towards mental health programs and services in communities across Canada.