Welcome back to the Ride Don’t Hide Training Blog by Sugoi Performance Apparel.

This will be our final installment as the big week has finally come! I’m extremely excited for all of you that will be taking part in this ride. I hope the training experience has been a fun and positive process and something you can continue to incorporate into your lifestyle going forward.

This week I’m going to share some tips on what I think about the week of, the day before and the day of a big race or event. Depending on the event and what your experiences are, it can be very daunting. By implementing some good strategies though, we can help reduce our feelings of anxiety and make this the enjoyable and awesome experience that it’s going to be on Sunday!

This week is about piecing the training plan thus far together. There’s no need to go out and ride hard for a confidence boost, in fact, we want to avoid that! The best thing to do is to take it easy and save your legs and energy for Sunday.
Typically there are a few key things I will go through the week before an event to keep myself organized and ensure the day of the event is as stress free as possible: bike check, meal plan, gear check, and logistics:

Bike Check

On your ride the week before Ride Don’t Hide, pay close attention to your bike and ensure it’s in good working order. Particularly, the day before do a thorough once over of the following:
1.    Ensure there are no big cuts in your tires.
2.    Ensure your brakes and wheel quick releases feel secure
3.    Ensure your tires have an appropriate level of air pressure.

Meal Plan

You get out what you put in! I’m referring to what you will eat the night before your event and for breakfast the day of. Making smart choices by choosing meals you know won’t have a negative impact on your ride will make the experience much more enjoyable. For breakfast I stick to what I always do before a big ride which is either yogurt and granola or oatmeal with some fresh fruit. I recommend you pack energy gels, bars and Gatorade or another source of electrolytes to keep you going mid-ride. Come post-race, smart meal choice rules get thrown out the window and I’ll treat myself to something awesome! You didn’t hear that from me though!

Gear and Apparel

Give yourself a few days to nail down what you need for the ride so that you have enough time to go shopping in case you are missing any critical pieces. Items you should consider are cycling clothing, water bottles, bike repair kits, sun screen and rain/eye protection. I like to lay it all out and make sure I have everything. Most importantly, you need to be able to fit all items on you or on your bike! Consider purchasing a bike bag for your handle bars or saddle as these store rain gear or repair kits well. Food items will fit well in the back pockets of your jerseys. Water bottle cages that attach to your bike are perfect for carrying 2 water bottles, one filled with water, one filled with Gatorade.

Here’s a checklist of things to bring:

  • Your favourite bike kit
  • Helmet – adjusted to fit properly
  • Food (electrolytes, energy gels, chews and bars, recovery drinks)
  • Water bottles – 2
  • Saddle pack to carry essentials
  • Spare tubes (should have at least two)
  • Tire levers
  • CO2 canisters (should have at least two) and pump
  • Cycling computer
  • Chamois cream (your bottom will thank you)
  • Arm warmers (available in white on www.sugoi.com so you can protect yourself from the sun and the rain)
  • Leg warmers
  • Gloves
  • Clear rain shell to protect you from the rain and show off your jersey
  • Strap-on fenders
  • Sunglasses
  • Multi-tool for any mechanical issue that may arise
  • Cycling cap (keep the sweat and the sun off your head/face and the rain off your face)
  • Shoe covers to help keep feet warm and dry in the rain
  • Helmet cover for weather protection
  • Plastic bags or shower caps to cover your seat and handle bars (after the ride)
  • Wool or performance sock x 2
  • Lights are always a good thing
  • Phone in a zip lock


The last thing to go over are logistics. How I plan to get to the event, where it will be easy to find parking, what time I need to wake up and leave the house to make sure I have ample time to get to the event. As much as I like to sleep in, giving yourself enough time to get ready in the morning will make for a much more enjoyable experience.

The day of the event I try to take it all in, smile and most of all have fun. I like to be encouraging to others, often they will give it right back too and that always gives me a big boost. Practice focusing on positive thoughts, if you hit any dark or rough patches through the ride just think about the things you can control like keeping a relaxed upper body, smooth pedal strokes or calm breathing. I know that you will all do great!

This has been a fun experience for me sharing with all of you. I hope that some of the information has proven helpful in your preparation for this weekend. If taking up cycling or participating in this event was a first, I hope you feel encouraged to continue after this weekend on your journey of living an active healthy lifestyle. The positive impact being active has on my life and the fulfillment I feel from it is huge, I hope you all continue with it.

Good luck this weekend!

Training Plans – Week 7

Beginners – 10K/20K Rides
Workout 1: 15 – 25 Minute Easy Ride
Workout 2: 15 – 25 Minute Easy Ride the day before event

Things to think about:
Make sure your bike is in good working order and ready for the bike ride on Sunday!

Intermediate and advanced riders – 60K Ride
Workout 1: 45 Minute Ride – Just an easy spin.
Workout 2: 30 Minute Ride – Easy spin the day before the event

Things to think about:
Make sure your bike is in good working order and ready for the bike ride on Sunday!

Dylan Gleeson is a Sugoi Brand Champion from North Vancouver, BC. He is excited to host the Ride Don’t Hide Training Blog, where he will share training, nutrition and apparel tips with you leading up to the ride on June 22nd! Sugoi is the official apparel sponsor of Ride Don’t Hide.