Welcome back to the Ride Don’t Hide Training Blog by Sugoi Performance Apparel!

Hopefully by now you have had an opportunity to get out and ride your bike. If not, there’s no need to worry as we still have six more weeks to get out on the saddle before the big ride.

This week I would like to highlight the importance of proper warm ups and cool downs. It’s critical to take time at the beginning of each workout to prepare your body for physical activity. The goal is to get your heart rate up gradually to increase blood flow to your muscles. This in turn will warm up your working muscles and ultimately prevent injuries like tendonitis. Our bodies aren’t prepared to go from 0% to 100% in a matter of seconds as our muscles can be very tight. Avoid permanently damaging your muscles by taking time to build into your workout slowly.

Whenever I train for a ride, no matter the length, I always take at least 15 – 20 minutes to ride easy to give my body time to warm up. I recommend you do the same in your training build. This will help ensure that your training experience is positive as nobody likes to be sidelined on the couch injured! Also, I recommend doing a few leg stretches before hopping on your bike.

Equally as important as a proper warm up is a proper cool down. Just like my warm up, near the end of any ride I ensure I give myself ample time to cool down. For the last 10 – 20 minutes of each session I ride easy and pedal in an easy gear to bring my heart rate down slowly.

If you’re feeling really sore after your first ride, don’t worry, it’s completely normal!! The first time I get on my bike after it’s been a while, I always have a sore butt the next day (don’t laugh)! The more you do it, the easier it gets and the less sore you will feel. The goal is to establish a consistent riding schedule. I encourage you to keep a training log or mark a big bright colored checkmark on your calendar each time you go for a ride. This will help you build confidence as you can see what you’ve accomplished in your regular training. You’ll see, it’ll really help motivate you to get out the door and on your bike, even when the weather isn’t particularly great.  I live in North Vancouver, which means it rains a fair bit, but this method keeps me focused and motivated.

Training Plans – Week 2

Beginners – 10K/20K Rides
Workout 1: 15 – 25 Minute Easy Ride
Workout 2: 25 – 40 Minute Easy Long Ride

Things to think about:
Find an area to ride with less traffic. Just focus on getting comfortable riding your bike and shifting gears. When pedalling you shouldn’t feel like your legs are spinning out of control and you also shouldn’t feel like you’re having to work overly hard to get that pedal around. You want to find a comfortable medium between the two. Enjoy!

Intermediate and advanced riders – 60K Ride
Workout 1: 40 Minute Ride
Workout 2: 45 Minute Ride on hilly route
Workout 3: 1.25 Hour Easy Long Ride

Things to think about:
Workout 1: Add in 6 x 30 second builds, building from an easy to fast pace. Spread these out through the middle of the ride.
Workout 2: This ride should be performed at an easy comfortable pace. Aim for your cadence to be between 80 – 90 RPMs and avoid grinding your gears on the climbs.

I hope you’re all enjoying your training so far and look forward to writing another installment next week. Happy training!

Dylan Gleeson is a Sugoi Brand Champion from North Vancouver, BC. He is excited to host the Ride Don’t Hide Training Blog, where he will share training, nutrition and apparel tips with you leading up to the ride on June 22nd! Sugoi is the official apparel sponsor of Ride Don’t Hide.