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The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is the nation-wide leader and champion for mental health in Canada. Founded in 1918, CMHA has grown to over 135 branches in communities across Canada. Our vision is mentally healthy people in a healthy society. We are dedicated to supporting resilience and recovery for people with lived experience of mental illness and their families, and promoting mental health for all. We accomplish this through advocacy, education, community-based research and services.

While continuing to provide critical support services, we work to empower organizations and individuals to improve mental health in the workplace, at home, and in the community. Because mental health begins where we work, live, and play.

About the Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatchewan:

With multiple divisions across the province, the Canadian Mental Health Association has a strong presence in Saskatchewan. The efforts of each branch are instrumental in raising awareness for mental health and supporting those living with mental illness.

About the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Regina:

CMHA, Regina Branch has been serving the Regina community since 1949.  Our business is first and foremost mental health and we provide an array of services to persons living with mental illness through core programs:  Pre Vocational, Vocational, and Advocacy.  We are also a community stakeholder and building stronger partnerships in the community, as well as being an active participant in community initiatives for the betterment of those living with mental illness, no matter who they are or where they may come from, is a priority for CMHA Regina.

Pre Vocational Program:

The Pre Vocational Program strives to provide a welcoming, engaging and accepting environment where people coping with a long term mental illness can develop a social support system and focus on ways to stay well.  The program’s goals are to support individuals in their own recovery process; to assist in social skills development; to provide opportunities that engage members in meaningful community involvement; and, promote an improved quality of life.  Services offered in this program include the following:

  • Drop-in Centre:  Often referred to as “The Club”, it is the part of CMHA Regina’s main building that provides a major hub of informal peer support, socialization and healthy/leisurely activities.
  • Special Events and Activities:  Each month guest speakers, presentations and/or workshops are offered to the CMHA Regina consumers to discuss topics such nutrition, wellness, hygiene, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, anxiety management, etc.  Other regular activities include open mic forum, musical jam sessions, art therapy, volunteer work, exercise groups, celebrations and dances, knitting and many more activities that are of benefit to all persons living with mental illness.
  • Daily Lunch Program:  Through our partnership with the City of Regina, CMHA Regina provides lunch Monday thru Sunday to all consumers and guests in need of a nutritious meal.
  • Other Programs:  CMHA Regina has a theatre group called “The Real Anti-Suppressants” that provide live performances throughout Regina and Saskatchewan.  There is also a musical group called “The Free Spirit Band” that tours with the theatre group. 

Vocational Program:

CMHA, Regina Branch continues to provide unique training and learning opportunities to clients; and with the assistance of funders such as the United Way, YMCA, Service Canada, and CanSask, we are also able to provide services to the greater community with the goal of assisting persons living with mental illness enter or re-enter the competitive job market.  Training areas of this program include:

  • Housekeeping:  Community contracts are acquired and teams work customer homes providing housekeeping services.
  • Janitorial:  The in-house janitorial program provides clients with the opportunity to enhance janitorial skills that are transferrable to the community labour market.
  • Laundromat:  This is community-based business separate from our main centre.  It is partnership between CMHA Regina, Phoenix Residential Society and the Ranch Ehrlo Society and is an initiative stemming from the Homelessness Project Strategy.   It provides laundry services to the public, consumers and residents of McEwen Manor (persons in need of living accommodations.  It is an invaluable employment training opportunity for persons with mental illness who are, or have been, at risk of homelessness.
  • Administrative Support:  The in-house admin support program offers opportunities for clients to learn secretarial and reception responsibilities.
  • Food Services:  In house training provides clients with experience in a commercial kitchen, which includes safe food handling, Occupational Health and Safety training, food preparation, kitchen safety and sanitization, cooking, baking and catering.  This program also prepares daily lunches to an average of 40 to 50 members and guests per day.
  • Concessions:  CMHA Regina operates two concession/canteen stores:  one at main facility and the other at the Laundromat.  The training program provides clients with storekeeping duties, inventory control, purchase orders, debit and cashier machines experience, customer service and the successful management of a store.
  • Employability Lifeskills Training:  This is a 3 week training program designed to assist clients requiring assistance with social, leadership and technical skills development.  The intent of this program is to prepare clients for employment readiness to enter the competitive job market, or access a work training placement.

All training programs utilize best practices and provide clients with skills that are transferrable to the competitive job market.  All clients in this program are attached to a Vocational Counsellor who provides job coaching through training, as well as follow-up once employment is attained.


To ensure that the Mission and Vision of Canadian Mental Health is advocated for and applied in all situations for all persons living with mental illness.  This includes, and is certainly not limited to, equal opportunity, fairness, and the right to be an accepted member of society that includes every right of citizenship anywhere in Canada.

CMHA, Regina Branch promotes mental health through:

  • Educational presentations, workshops, and hosting events designed to raise awareness in the larger community.
  • Active participation in supporting other community-based organizations within the mental health community.
  • The formation of partnerships with other community agencies and corporate sponsors for purposes of enhanced service delivery, sharing of resources and providing all persons living with mental illness empowerment, hope, compassion, confidence, acceptance and equal opportunity for whatever it is they so choose to participate in.
  • Being the voice of change for ending stigma, stereotyping, ostracizing, and false perceptions.  An illness is an illness is an illness—and mental illness is no different than any other.

The success of an outcome can only be measured by the support it is given to achieve.  The role of CMHA Regina is to ensure that each person living with mental illness who reaches out to us for assistance is given the best of what we have to offer.

All monies raised from the ‘Ride Don’t Hide’ event are re-invested into the programs and services offered by CMHA, Regina Branch solely for the benefit of all persons living with mental illness.  These funds guarantee successful programs will continue uninterrupted and that new pilot projects to reach out to more people with mental illness living in silence can be reached.  When generous people and businesses offer donations and pledges, CMHA Regina ensures that these gifts of kindness are invested in the people it is intended for.   Thank-you.


Contact Info:

Canadian Mental Health Association,

Regina Branch

1810 Albert Street

Regina, Saskatchewan

S4P 2S8

Phone:  306-525-9543 (Administration)

Email:  info@cmharegina.com           or

Kevin Huber, Executive Director

Email:  khuber@cmharegina.com


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