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One person can change the world – just imagine what a team can do!

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The benefits of riding in a team

Share the Ride Don’t Hide experience and make a difference together. It’s easy to form a team. Set your fundraising goal and ask your friends, family, and co-workers to join you. 

Create a Corporate Team and encourage other departments, offices or branches to join you in a fun competitive fundraising challenge. Please note that multiple teams across different event sites can participate under one corporate team umbrella. Contact Colin at to learn more. 

Register Your Team Now

As part of a  Ride Don’t Hide team, you are joining thousands of people across the country and sharing a great experience with friends, family members or co-workers. Forming a team is a great way to fundraise for Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) programs supporting and strengthening the mental health of all Canadians. 
Teams come in all sizes—consider starting a team with:

  • Your company or colleagues
  • Your family
  • Your club
  • Your friends
  • Your school

Learn how to create a team with our Ride Don’t Hide Team Toolkit Documents

Ride Don’t Hide Team Toolkit

Ride Don’t Hide Team Poster

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