Judy Joined Ride Don’t Hide back in 2014, making this her 5th year participating, she is a proud supporter of the cause and believes that everyone deserves proper mental health care.

Judy Brunton is a well-known fundraiser and avid supporter of the Canadian Mental Health Association. She has supported many causes, but in 2014 she joined Ride Don’t Hide and has since raised over $40,000. The funds are for the programs that CMHA offers to help and support families in need of mental health assistance. The cause is important to Judy, as she has seen and experienced the impact that mental health can have on those near and dear to her heart. The source of inspiration for Judy’s drive and determination? Her “extremely strong” sister and cousin.

Judy explains that 25 years ago her sister was first diagnosed, but sadly continues to suffer on a daily basis. “I feel so bad when I see how she is and how I would love her to be.” Judy is ever grateful for the services the CMHA provides. Not only has she provided her efforts to building funds for CMHA, but her family has also utilized services from the Family Caregiver Education Group, which is an education program that provides an understanding of mental illness, treatment options, the effects of medication, and coping and support strategies. “My parents and I attended the 10-week program – it was amazing – and I would recommend it to anyone who has loved ones who are suffering from any effects of mental illness – Besides that CMHA is part of my family – I love everyone who works there.”

The Ride Don’t Hide event has become a tradition for Judy and her son, each year they take their place on the starting and set forth to take on the 20 km trail. ” It is an AMAZING event that brings out everyone in support of Mental Health – all these people are letting everyone know that the stigma will be ended real soon.” Judy truly loves that Ride Don’t Hide brings out everyone from her community and praises CMHA for doing a “great” job organizing these events. “I’ve been to many events – and this is by far one of the best!”

Mental Health is extremely important to Judy, not only because of her sister and cousin but because it touches so many. “[Mental Health] affects so much of us – not just our brain – but our whole body – I just want everyone to get the mental health help they need and deserve.” Judy has this piece of advice to give for those who are suffering “find someone you know they can trust – and tell them what you feel comfortable in telling” for that person they are turning to can help find them the help they need.

This is why Judy Brunton rides, why will you ride?