Jeff Emmerson is a prominent social media figure and advocates for people living with mental health challenges. He is co-author of Beyond ADHD.

Jeff was born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario. As a young boy, he would often take walks through Breithaupt Park with his grandmother and her dog. Very fond of his grandmother, Jeff cherishes these moments and remembers that she was an “escape”: a “safe-haven” from the turmoils at home.

At the age of 28, Jeff lost his brother, Ryan, to suicide. The untimely loss of Ryan devastated family and friends.

“It’s something you never fully recover from,” says Jeff.

In 2010, Jeff would face his own battle with mental illness, suffering from anxiety and depression. Facing career stresses and questioning his life’s direction, Jeff says it led him to a dark place: he would attempt to take his own life.

“My pride was shot,” says Jeff. “I remember feeling [so small].”

That day, he told his wife he needed help. In 2011, he would be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

From his struggles and challenges, Jeff fought back. Today, he is a celebrated writer, video blogger, social media figure and social advocate for people living with mental health issues. Co-author of the book Beyond ADHD, he aims to dispel negative stigmas surrounding the condition and mental health in general.

In addition to co-authoring a novel, Jeff has written for mental wellness magazines surrounding the issues of ADHD and has become a sought-after speaker on the topic. Boasting over 1.4 million followers on Twitter and an active YouTube channel, Jeff continues to bring awareness to the cause—something he’s proud to continue with Ride Don’t Hide.

“It’s so organic; it’s so foundational to what is desperately needed these days,” says Jeff. “The fundraisers, the people who speak out online, this is all a collective effort to change lives, to help reach out to people, to let them know they are not alone.”

“I’m telling you,” he adds, “lives are saved because of this.”

This is why Jeff rides. Why will you ride?