Created in the memory of Matthew Hutchinson, The Hutch Fund joined Ride Don’t Hide in 2017 to help raise mental health awareness, support the community and to prevent the loss of life due to mental illness.


Matthew Hutchinson was young and vibrant who’s life was filled with opportunity. He played hockey for the Chilliwack Chiefs and volunteered at the Geneseo fire department while attending the State University of New York. He was loved by all, friends and co-workers, but mostly by his family. Matthew’s life was cut short after a young man, who was suffering from mental health issues, entered the residence of his ex-girlfriend, Kelsey Annese, and took both their lives and his own. Though there were warning signs, the Hutchin’s believes that mental illness and its stigma resulted in the murder of their son. They are now active supporters of mental health awareness and raise funds for the various programs that benefit those who are in need of counseling.

Ride Don’t Hide, and the Canadian Mental Health Association has played an integral part in the family’s healing process and has given a sense of purpose to everyone who loved and lost Matthew, “their work will help in the prevention of this type of tragedy from befalling onto others. We want to leave a positive legacy for Matthew in the form of educating others about mental illness and fighting against stigma in our community.”

The Hutch Fund Team Goals and Reasons for Joining Ride Don’t Hide:
– Prevention: So as no one will suffer the loss of a loved one
– To support the mental health movement, the community, and CMHA
– Impassioned by the stories and the origins of Ride Don’t Hide, the Hutchinson’s are incorporating their own story into the event
– For fun! The ride is inclusive and upbeat, and it gives everyone a chance to build connections and gain support within the community

The Hutchinson’s want people to know that the event “takes place within a fun and supportive community, and there are routes of varying difficulty, making it accessible to everyone.” Mental health is very much a part of every individual in our society, the issue is not easily recognizable nor always attended to, yet it affects all of us. The Hutch Fund Team would also like people who are suffering from mental illness that they support them. Talking to others is the first step in getting help. Those going through these challenges are strong for recognizing that they need help they are not alone.

This is why The Hutch Fund Team rides, why will you ride?