• 5km – (10:00 a.m. start time) 
    Looking for a leisurely stroll by yourself, with friends, or family? This route is entirely on Brock property and is perfect if you have smaller children or enjoy a light ride! Don’t have a bike? You’re welcome to walk, run, or take a stroll on roller blades on this route, too!
  • 15km – (9:45 a.m. start time)
    If you don’t mind taking on a challenge then this route might just be for you. It’s three times longer than the family-friendly 5km route and has several hills to conquer from point A to B. Departing from Brock’s campus, this scenic route travels down Thorold and Pelham roads, turning around at Howell’s Pumpkin Farm back to Brock.  Recommended for cycling enthusiasts.
  • 35km – (9:30 a.m. start time)
    This beautiful scenic route extending into the town of Pelham is suited for avid cyclists. Travelling the same roads as the 15km in the first half of the ride, this route extends further into rural Pelham before looping back to Brock.

RIDER SAFETY: All riders must wear helmets and have bikes equipped with bells. By registering, you agree to follow all rules of the road. 


CMHA Niagara

Join us for the third annual Ride Don’t Hide in Niagara!

CMHA has operated in Niagara for almost 50 years. With over 100 staff members and 60 volunteers, CMHA Niagara is the primary community provider of adult mental health services in the region.  We are the only accredited adult community mental health agency in Niagara. Our commitment to mental health for all is demonstrated by our range of services including Walk-In Counselling, 24/7 crisis beds, housing, employment, and court services programs, as well as crisis services in partnership with the Niagara Regional Police Service. To learn more about what we do, please visit our website: www.cmhaniagara.ca