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The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a national and provincial leader in mental health in Canada. Founded in 1918, CMHA has grown to over 135 divisions and branches in communities across Canada. In Toronto, York Region and South Simcoe, CMHA provides individualized services to over 10,000 adults and youth each year. We also reach approximately 25,000 adults and children through our community and work place education activities. Our vision is mentally healthy people in a healthy society. In many ways, this vision sets CMHA apart from other mental health organizations. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with lived experience of mental illness, and their families, yet our goal is also to achieve mental health for all. We accomplish this mission through advocacy, education, research and services. While continuing to focus on critical support services, we also believe in leading the way with a new direction focused on empowering organizations, companies and individuals to live better lives by addressing mental health and wellness issues in the workplace, at home, and in the community. Mental health begins with where we work, live, and play. What is clear is that there is no health without mental health. By Investing in Mental Health you can help break through the debilitating stigma associated with mental illness, encourage people to get help before problems become crisis, and empower individuals to maintain good mental health in their own lives. We need your support to make this happen. By working in partnership, your company and CMHA can change the face of mental illness.

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Ride Don’t Hide raises awareness and funds that make a significant impact in our community. Your donation enables us to continue this essential work. In York Region and South Simcoe, last year we hired an additional mental health specialist to deliver information in schools, reaching over 2000 more students in the first year. We also added 2 new Support For Depression groups in Bradford and Markham. This year we want to continue to expand and enhance essential family mental health programs and services. Specifically:

  • MOBYSS - Mobile York South Simcoe (pronounced mo-bies) is Ontario’s first mobile health clinic for youth ages 12 to 25. This ground breaking clinic will travel to areas across York region and South Simcoe where youth have difficulty accessing services because of travel, stigma and other barriers. Services will include: Suicide intervention, Counselling, Referral, Sexual health and addictions education and support, Basic primary care, Health Screening.  Youth will be able to use the MOBYSS mobile app to check the van schedule, route and GPS location , book and confirm appointments, digitally connect with the van and access links to other support and services. Learn more about Mobyss
  • Crisis support for Youth and Suicide Prevention in schools across York Region and South Simcoe
  • Housing support to allow those living with mental illness to focus on recovery
  • Additional Support for Depression, peer led support groups for non-English communities
  • Family Support that includes education and individual help in supporting a loved one

In Toronto, with your generous support, we intend to:

  • Increase our housing supports so that we can assist even more people with safe, affordable living, offering them independence and increased opportunity to work
  • Provide further educational and entrepreneurial bursaries to individuals on the path of recovery
  • Continue growing our Holiday Gift Program so we can provide up to 6000 individuals isolated during the holidays with gifts, companionship and hope.

For more information and event sponsorship please contact:

     Heather Croft, Director of Philanthropy


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