Let’s Ride Together on June 24, 2018 to end the stigma of mental illness!

Raising $30,000 in both Annapolis and Queens County

Location #1: Annapolis County – Trans Canada Trail

Fee: We will be waiving the registration fee in Nova Scotia

In Annapolis the walk, run, ride will take place on the Trans Canada trail. There will be 5 different routes to choose from






The 25km is intended for experienced riders.

“Formally known as defeat depression” (in Annapolis only)


Location #2: Queen’s Lunnenburg

Route will be taking place in Bridgewater.



Canadian Mental Health Associations in Nova Scotia are the oldest community-based mental health and addictions charitable organizations in the province, founded in 1908.The CMHA NS Division holds the licence and provides provincial leadership for mental health in Nova Scotia, with the support of 5 CMHA Branches.

In alignment with the National Vision and Strategic Goals CMHA NS Division’s mission is to support the Mental Health of all Nova Scotians. This mission is achieved through the provision of community-based supports and services that promotes positive mental health- quality of life- and prevents mental ill health related injury and disease through:

  • Strengthening our Collective Voice by developing collaborative and supportive relationships among multiple sectors and partners, in support of mental health for all;
  • Ensuring Quality Services through the provision of quality and timely, evidence based mental health promotion- injury disease (mental health and addictions) awareness, education, trainings, programs and initiatives that mental health and quality of life for all Nova Scotians; and,
  • Enhancing Organizations Health by providing provincial and local community leadership to pilot and deliver innovative evidence-based mental health promotion, injury-disease recovery based prevention supports and services for all Nova Scotians.




We are looking for charismatic individuals who are interested in volunteering for our Ride Don’t Hide event taking place in Annapolis and Queens County on Sunday June 242018. The goal of the event is to raise awareness for mental health in our community! There are many positions available, according to skills and interest. For more information on the event opportunities available, contact CMHA NS at education32@novascotia.cmha.ca.

*Should also note that all money raised within each community stays in that community.


CMHA NS Division

(902) 466 6600




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