CMHA is proud to have amazing ambassadors supporting our Ride Don’t Hide event and helping spread the word on mental health. Each of the ambassadors has their own unique reasons why they are lending their names to Ride Don’t Hide.


Ride Don’t Hide welcomes Silken Laumann, who overcame a devastating injury just 10 weeks before competing to claim Bronze for Canada in the 1992 Olympics. She is now an author and an inspirational speaker. Her story has touched many lives and CMHA and Ride Don’t Hide are proud to welcome her aboard. Along with Silken we are excited to have Noelle Montcalm as an ambassador for Ride Don’t Hide. Noelle is an Olympic hurdler who competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics for Canada. Noelle’s story deals with not only her own struggles with mental health but also her family’s struggles. Lastly Ride Don’t Hide would like to introduce The Elwins as ambassadors. They are an indie rock band from Keswick, Ontario that believes in ending the stigma around mental health.


All of these amazing ambassadors will be sharing their support for Ride Don’t Hide on social media as well as blog posts. Keep an eye open for what they have to say!