I realize that for some of you this may be your first time riding a bike. No need to panic, we’ve all been there!  We will work together to get you to the start and finish of the ride, one step at a time.

  1. The first thing to look at is your fit on your bike, you want to be comfortable otherwise you won’t want to get on your bike. If you’re having trouble reaching for your brakes or if you feel too high up on your seat you’ll want to adjust your position. Your local bike shop will be able to help you with this. Also, it’s very important that you have a bike safety certified helmet. If your helmet has any cracks, has been in a crash or is more than 5 years old, it is time for a new one.
  2. Next we want to make sure your bike is safe to ride and in proper working order. Make sure your brakes are functioning properly, wheels are secured and that you are riding with appropriate air pressure on tires that aren’t worn out. Again, if you are not confident in checking this yourself, take your bicycle to your local bike shop for a tune up and learn what to inspect before every ride.
  3. Now you’re ready to ride your bike! If this is your first time riding a bike or using clip less pedals, head to a location with very little traffic to get used to the handling of the bike. Spend time learning how to shift properly, how to grab a water bottle while in motion and how to clip in and out safely. A good place to do most of this would be somewhere like a large empty parking lot. You could even set up cones or obstacles to practice riding around. I suggest riding on something softer than concrete like a grass soccer field, that way if you go down you’re less likely to hurt yourself.

Training Plans – Week 1

Beginners – 10K/20K Rides
Workout 1:  15 – 30 Minute Easy Ride

Things to think about in Week 1 for first ride:
Find an area to ride with less traffic. Just focus on getting comfortable riding your bike and shifting gears. When pedalling you shouldn’t feel like your legs are spinning out of control and you also shouldn’t feel like you’re grinding the gears to get that pedal around. You want to find a comfortable medium between the two. Enjoy!

Intermediate and advanced riders – 60K Ride
Workout 1:  40 Minute Easy Ride
Workout 2:  60 Minute Easy Long Ride

Things to think about in Week 1 rides:
We will start out easy this week before building into any strength and speed work. Focus for the rides this week should be keeping good cadence. Aim for your cadence to be between 80 – 90 RPMs and avoid grinding your gears on the climbs. Lastly don’t forget to have FUN!

Dylan Gleeson is a Sugoi Brand Champion from North Vancouver, BC. He is excited to host the Ride Don’t Hide Training Blog, where he will share training, nutrition and apparel tips with you leading up to the ride on June 22nd! Sugoi is the official apparel sponsor of Ride Don’t Hide.