Ride Don’t Hide is almost three weeks away, and we know you’re working hard to raise funds! By raising funds, you are helping youth, families, and individuals in your community get the help and support that they need!


If you need some new and fun ideas to assist you, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that are sure to help you achieve your fundraising goals:


  1. Teach a seminar on a topic you know. Lead or get someone to lead a nature walk, an architectural tour, a historical tour, a sailing trip, a rafting trip, or a horseback ride. Ask for people to donate an amount.
  2. Organize a garage sale or yard sale with the intention of donating the proceeds and get several other houses on your street to get involved as well. Go around to your neighbors and tell them you will take their stuff outside and sit with it all day to sell it if they donate half or all of the proceeds to your group. Since this is stuff people want to be rid of anyway, it is a good deal for them.
  3. Charge a $5 entrance fee, and have a games evening, asking that every “pot” be split with the organization. Individuals win, and so does the organization!
  4. Ask a few of your family or friends to donate their change.
  5. Ask 2 to 5 friends to help with a bake sale or book sale. You and your friends bake the goodies, or get the books, staff it, and help clean up afterward. This is an excellent way to get people involved in fundraising without ever actually asking them for money.
  6. If you have an upcoming birthday, ask that in lieu of gifts they give money towards your fundraising.
  7. Collect cans for recycling. Ask all your friends to save their cans and bottles for you and turn them in to a buy-back recycling center.
  8. Organize a service raffle. Get four people (one can be you) to donate a simple but valuable service that many people could use and sell raffle tickets for $3-$5 each. Keep the price a little high so you don’t have to sell so many and so that the buyers have a higher chance of winning. Services can include childcare for a weekend or for any weekend night two weekends in a row; one day of housecleaning; yard work; house painting (interior or exterior), etc.
  9. Silent Auction: utilize the internet and put up a service, chore, item or ticket on www.32auctions.com, which is a great website that operates a silent auction. They will give you a link that you can post on your social media to reach more people.
  10. Host a car wash or dog wash. Ask a few friends to join you and put the proceeds towards your fundraising goal.
  11. 50/50 raffle: check out www.world-5050.com to do an online 50/50 raffle, you will be given a link to post on social media to extend your reach and gain more donation dollars.


For more ideas click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/blog/fundraising-ideas-ds00/


For all your efforts we will be giving away prizes to the top fundraisers, visit our prizes page to see the great gifts that you could win!!

Be recognized and fundraise your way to the top!!


We know you can all reach your goals and we’ll see you on June 24th at Ride Don’t Hide!