Cycling a Path Towards Healing

Join Dave Ehle, of CMHA Cowichan Valley as he bikes the trail that will be used for the 2014 Shoppers Drug Mart Ride Don’t Hide – Cowichan Valley and away from depression. By Dave Ehle Yesterday was all rain and coastal cloud, but it is a beautiful day today as I pull into the Glenora trailhead park. The sun is out and it is bringing out the scent of the cottonwoods and pine. I am out today to ride the section of the Trans Canada Trail that we are planning to use for the Shoppers Drug Mart Ride Don’t Hide […]

Mental Health Makes Good Business Sense

Patrick Tallon, Vice President, Client Operations for Xerox Canada, not only supports Ride Don’t Hide through his company’s involvement as a Diamond Sponsor for the Greater Toronto ride, he personally puts his pedal to the metal for mental health. Last year his Ride Don’t Hide team, which included colleagues from Xerox and their family and friends, raised the most amount of money for their participation in the 60 km ride. “I’ve seen firsthand the effect mental health issues have in the workplace. I’ve seen how it affects employees and their families and how devastating it can be for individuals,” Patrick […]

Ride Don’t Hide Speaks to Everyone

By Jude Wong As a volunteer for this year’s Ride Don’t Hide, I’ve been feeling like a hypocrite. How can I invest my time and energy encouraging others to join the conversation about mental health…if I’m not willing to do that myself? What keeps me from talking more openly about my experience is the fear of being misunderstood. The fear that, if I identify as being challenged in that way, people will expect me to inexplicably “lose it,” start talking to myself, take off my clothes or start screaming. Many probably wish I did, including myself at times. I am […]

Time to get cycling. It’s bike to work week!

There’s no better time than now to dust off your bike and get started on that training regimen that you’ve been talking about to prepare for Ride Don’t Hide. There are many reasons to swap out your car for your bike on your daily commute – such as improving your physical health and decreasing your impact on the environment. But did you know that riding your bike is good for your mental health too? Riding your bike causes your brain to release chemicals that make you feel good. Further, exercise can also cause you to feel more energetic, less stressed […]

What can you get for $2?

By Cynthia Luo Shoppers Drug Mart Ride Don’t Hide bracelets are on sale to support the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) programs in BC. Having worn the bracelet for one week, the bracelet has revealed itself to provide both expected and unexpected benefits. For the Community The pink color was chosen by Shopper’s Drug Mart to represent their commitment to women’s mental health. Only 100,000 of the bracelets are produced and they are selling for $2 apiece. With a $200,000 fundraising target if they all sell out, 100% of the proceeds will go towards CMHA programs to help women and […]

Generation Gap Begone at “Ride Don’t Hide”

For Lynn Spence, participating in the 2013 Ride Don’t Hide event meant challenging herself to end a 10-year hiatus from cycling and connecting with her family for a great cause. She is interviewed by CMHA blogger, Cynthia Luo, about her experiences and hopes to inspire this years’ participants to attend the event with their family members on June 22, 2014. by Cynthia Luo Meet Lynn Spence. As former Associate Executive Director for the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division (CMHA), Lynn was naturally a strong supporter of CMHA causes including Shoppers Drug Mart Ride Don’t Hide to support mental health […]

How Extraordinary: Changing the way Canadians view mental health

By Michael Schratter How extraordinary. How extraordinary the changes we see in the way Canadians are looking at mental illness. But it wasn’t always so… Back in 2010 when I left to cycle the globe for Ride Don’t Hide, the stigma that so often surrounded mental illness seemed entrenched and dauntingly strong. So much so that the hardest part of my journey wasn’t the 40,000 km cycled or the cultural differences of the 33 countries travelled, or the loneliness of being on the road for some 16 months. No, the hardest part for me to get Ride Don’t Hide up […]

Whitecap Fans #BuckUp for Mental Health: My Experience as a CMHA Volunteer

by Cynthia Luo Volunteering with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) at the Whitecaps’ 40th anniversary game was like riding a bike: healthy, fun and rewarding! A “moving” experience On Saturday, May 3, Vancouver Whitecaps asked each of their 41,000 fans to #BuckUp for Mental Health by donating at least one dollar at their 40th Anniversary Match against San Jose Earthquakes. As one of the 37 CMHA volunteers at this event, my fellow volunteers and I got the chance to wear a 1970s outfit with a Shoppers Drug Mart Ride Don’t Hide t-shirt and walk around BC Place Stadium asking […]

#BuckUp for Mental Health before May 17th to help support Ride Don’t Hide

Have you ever wished that you could meet your favorite Whitecaps player, or that you and your friends could watch a game in style from a Premium Suite at BC Place? There’s still time to participate in the Whitecaps #BuckUp for Mental Health campaign to win these and other amazing prizes. Plus, you’ll help support Ride Don’t Hide in the process! In honour of their 40th anniversary, the Whitecaps have set of goal of raising $15,000 to be shared between the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and the Kettle Society – Clara’s Big Ride Vancouver Community Champions. The CMHA will […]

Talking About Mental Health: A teacher’s perspective

By Sara Raouf As an elementary school teacher I see students and families struggling with mental health issues every year. I see students dealing with anxiety, depression, attachment disorders, eating disorders and other mental health issues. I work with families who are trying to support their children while dealing with mental health issues of their own. I also work with teachers and other staff members who are struggling to cope with the increasing challenges that they face year after year in the classroom. Upon returning to work from maternity leave a couple of years ago, I realized that we needed […]

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