Ryan Martin for Ride Don’t Hide

CMHA is excited to have Ryan Martin as an ambassador for Ride Don’t Hide. The journey he has been on mentally and his journey physically across Canada will help inspire others to challenge themselves to take a stand against the stigma surrounding mental health.   Ryan Martin is a 23-year-old from Guelph, Ontario and started MINDCYCLE to help motivate himself and others to challenge their mental struggles. He is cycling across Canada from Tofino, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland this summer to help raise awareness for mental health and to raise funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Ride Don’t […]

National Ambassadors for Ride Don’t Hide

 CMHA is proud to have amazing ambassadors supporting our Ride Don’t Hide event and helping spread the word on mental health. Each of the ambassadors has their own unique reasons why they are lending their names to Ride Don’t Hide.   Ride Don’t Hide welcomes Silken Laumann, who overcame a devastating injury just 10 weeks before competing to claim Bronze for Canada in the 1992 Olympics. She is now an author and an inspirational speaker. Her story has touched many lives and CMHA and Ride Don’t Hide are proud to welcome her aboard. Along with Silken we are excited to […]

Orangetheory Fitness – Being health is more than just physical

The correlation between fitness and health has long been discussed. Through years of research, we know that being physically active will help in losing weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and aid in digestion. The focus of research has taken an interesting turn in last 10 years, by shining the spotlight on the relationship between physical activity and mental health. Again, research shows the benefits of physical activity! In relation to mental health, there are measurable increases in the hormones that affect our moods and cognitive functions. There are countless benefits to an improved quality of our sleep, allowing your body […]

Why I Ride series: The Hutch Fund Team

Created in the memory of Matthew Hutchinson, The Hutch Fund joined Ride Don’t Hide in 2017 to help raise mental health awareness, support the community and to prevent the loss of life due to mental illness. Matthew Hutchinson was young and vibrant who’s life was filled with opportunity. He played hockey for the Chilliwack Chiefs and volunteered at the Geneseo fire department while attending the State University of New York. He was loved by all, friends and co-workers, but mostly by his family. Matthew’s life was cut short after a young man, who was suffering from mental health issues, entered […]

Why I Ride series: Judy’s story

Judy Joined Ride Don’t Hide back in 2014, making this her 5th year participating, she is a proud supporter of the cause and believes that everyone deserves proper mental health care. Judy Brunton is a well-known fundraiser and avid supporter of the Canadian Mental Health Association. She has supported many causes, but in 2014 she joined Ride Don’t Hide and has since raised over $40,000. The funds are for the programs that CMHA offers to help and support families in need of mental health assistance. The cause is important to Judy, as she has seen and experienced the impact that […]

Why We Ride series: The Co-operators

The Co-operators is proud to partner with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) on its Ride Don’t Hide community bike ride. In my role at The Co-operators, I’m fortunate to attend events, sit on councils and engage with the people in the communities where we do business.  Several years ago, I started to notice a common trend in many of the conversations I was having – mental health awareness and funding was a key need in communities and organizations, everywhere. The Co-operators was already a partner with the CMHA, so we decided to get involved with their Ride Don’t Hide […]

Why I Ride series: A devote rider in BC

A devoted Rider from one of the British Columbia rides shares their experience of Ride Don’t Hide as well as their story of why they ride   In the spring of 2014, I re-discovered my love of cycling and bought a new bike. I added cycling to my fitness regime, and it was going well. I decided I needed a challenge, a goal – and saw an ad for Ride Don’t Hide. To me it seemed like the perfect activity – I chose to challenge myself physically, and in the process, help raise money to assist those who have no […]

Why I Ride series: Sheri and Lanette’s Story

On February 3, 2017 our 19-year-old daughter, McKenzie, died by suicide. She left behind two younger sisters, her two Moms and a very close-knit family. We were completely devastated and left struggling to accept this new reality and loss in our lives. Friends and colleagues were very supportive and many recommended that we contact the Windsor-Essex branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association for support. In April of last year McKenzie’s aunt and uncle told the family that they were participating in an event called “Ride Don’t Hide” in honour of their niece; and that was how we, as a […]

Why I Ride Series: Neil’s Story

Why I Ride: Neil Paterson   Neil Paterson is the fearless leader, and captain of Shaggy and The Rat Traps, a team that has participated and raised fund for Ride Don’t Hide since 2016. Neil is looking to celebrate CMHA’s 100th year Anniversary with a team of a 100 people at this year’s Ride Don’t Hide! As someone who experiences the challenges of mental health issues, Neil is an unstoppable force who continues to remain positive.   As a seasoned cyclist, Neil often rode his bike to help him through some difficult times. While he was undergoing what he remembers […]

Why I Ride series: Team Jake’s story

Why I Ride: Jake Eliopoulos’ Story Jake Eliopoulos was a bright young star on the rise, drafted into Major League Baseball; he was a top prospect and a left-handed pitcher that showed a lot of promise. Second-round draft pick for the Toronto Blue Jays, a rarity in the sport of baseball – A left-handed pitcher, throwing low 90’s with a quick arm. Jake Eliopoulos was facing the opportunity of a lifetime, a dream that many would attempt, and only so few would experience. On the outside, it seemed like Jake had everything, a burgeoning career in Major League Baseball, amazing […]

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