The Elwins are an Indie rock band from Keswick, Ontario. The band consists of Matthew Sweeney, Travis Stokl, Feurd and Francesco Figliomeni and they are currently on a tour through Canada and the United States. Mental health has been something that is important to the band for a long time. CMHA is happy to have them on board as ambassadors for Ride Don’t Hide.

We are a rock band from Keswick, Ontario consisting of Matthew Sweeney, Feurd, Francesco Figliomeni and Travis and mental health has always been important to the band. Having the opportunity to spread awareness through Ride Don’t Hide seemed like the perfect vehicle for us. By knowing about Ride Don’t Hide and CMHA it will help end the stigma surrounding mental health. Having some of the members in the band personally struggle with mental illness. It’s something that most people don’t talk about. We are very lucky to have an open and accepting culture with each other in the band. Without solid mental health many other issues can arise. We view mental health as the foundation to a healthy life. In our community we don’t think that mental health is viewed the same as physical health, but we believe they are equally important in our lives. As a band we want people not only in our community but across Canada to know that if they are struggling with mental health to seek help and remember that you’re not alone. We are happy to be able to use our platform to raise awareness from mental health and to help end the stigma.